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Shop Services & Labor

Standard Shop Service Charges

*Per Man Hour- $70

*Per Man & Machine Hour- $90

*Minimum Charge Per Firearm- $50

*Written Appraisals & Cost Estimates- $30

All parts for services provided must be paid for before work is initiated. Once services are complete, all labor and service costs are due before firearms are released back to the client.

Firearm Cleaning

Service Details:

Firearm is completely stripped, all parts are cleaned, a firearm is checked for wear and tear, and a full review is provided to the customer of necessary services needed to have the firearm repaired to A-1 condition.

*Bolt Gun- $75

*Lever, Pump Action, or Semi-Auto- $125

Stock Work

Service Details:

*Hunter Finish- $150

*Gunsmith Finish (filled, rubbed oil finish on average stock)- $200

*Spray Finish (lacquer or polyurethane)- $120

Wood Finishing (Shaping Not Included)

Spray-on Finishes

Service Details:

Pricing below does not include the cost of firearm disassembly and reassembly.

*Cerakote- Call for Quote

*Bead, Sandblast, or Wire Brush  Stainless Steele- $100

Glass Bedding
Barrel & Action

Service Details:

*Hunting Rife- $150

*Match Rifles (Full Action)- $250

*Pillar Bed- $250

*Install Recoil Pad (Labor Only)- $100

*Install Adj. Butt Plate (Labor Only)- $200

*Install Swig Swivels (STD & Q/D)- $40

*Inletting Bottom Metal- $150

*Glass Bed Bottom Metal- $100

*Fit, Bed, Finish Fiberglass Stock Blank- $300

*Install Adj. Cheek Riser- $400

Sight Work

Service Details:

*Bore Sighting- $25

*Scope Sight In- $100

*Drill & Tap Receiver for Larger Screws- $125

Action & Barrel

Service Details:

*Check Headspace- $40

*Stuck Fired Case in Chamber- $70 per hour

*Stuck Live Round in Chamber- $70 per hour

*Remove Obstruction from Bore- Shop Hr. Rate

*Remove Fouling from Barrel- Shop Hr. Rate + Materials


Service Details:

Chamber and fit barrel to action on firearm.

*Standard- $300

*Magnum- $350

*Oversized (338 Lapua etc.)- $400


*Lap in Bolt Lugs- $50

Barrel Service

Service Details:

*Cut & Crown Rifle Barrel- $100


Thread & Recrown Muzzle

*Disassemble Rifle- $175

*Assemble RIfle- $155

*Seamless Thread Protector- $50

*Muzzle Brake Timing and/or Install- $75

Muzzle Brakes

*Standard- $100-$250

*Radial- $100

*Ported- $125

*Self Timing- $200-$250

Bolt Knobs

Service Details:

New Bolt Knob.

*Thread Bolt Handle- $100

*Bolt Knob- $30

AR-15 Services

Service Details:

Maintenance Cleaning

*Disassembly, Cleaning, Safety Check,

  with Reassembly- $100


Maintenance Rebuild

*Standard Maintenance Cleaning + New Spring,

  and New Gas Rings- $130

*Install Aftermarket Trigger- $60

*Install Aftermarket Forend/Free-Float- $75

*Assemble Complete Upper- $150

*Assemble Complete Lower- $100

*Assemble Complete Rifle- $125

*Install Flash Hider on Pre-Threaded Barrel- $25

*Thread Barrel on Lathe- $135

*Open Gas Ports for Functioning- $75

*Install or Replace Gas Block- $75

*Install or Replace AR Barrel- $70

*Install or Replace Buttstock & Buffer Tube- $50

Install Receiver Sights

*Gun Drilled & Tapped- $30

Scope Mounting

*Gun Drilled & Tapped- $40


Service Details:

*Triggertech Primary Trigger & Install- $210

*Trigger Installation- $50

*Trigger Adjustment- $30

Additional Firearm Services

Service Details:

For all service or repair questions on firearms listed below, reach out to PRW directly and we will be happy to discuss potential pricing.


*Muzzle Loaders

*Speciality Firearms

Service & Labor Requests

Describe Service Needed


We're Reviewing Your Request & Will Reach Out Shortly!

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All Active or Retired Military and First Responders, Receive 25% off Services Year Round

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